B&K Coffee Roasters was founded in 1991 by two entrepreneurs, Gene Bettiol and Paul Karabinis, who had become frustrated with the lack of quality coffees available.  In order to fill this void Mr. Bettiol and Mr. Karabinis created B&K Coffee and developed their own premium blend of coffee.  Their shared vision evolved into the  mission for B&K Coffee; creating a superior coffee at a competitive price.

Since its creation B&K Coffee has used state of the art roasting equipment and techniques along with the finest arabica beans from around the world to create some of the finest coffees available.  At its inception B&K Coffee focused on wholesale sales to restaurants, diners, and hotels.   Several years ago B&K Coffee finally began packaging its coffee for retail sales for people to enjoy at home.

Today B&K Coffee continues its efforts to provide superior quality coffee to restaurants, diners, hotels, and other commercial locations while also reaching out to the discriminating coffee drinkers in the comfort of their homes with our new redesigned retail bags. 

What We Have To Offer

Ground and whole bean coffee, tea (herbal and non-herbal), coffee, tea, and espresso beverages, and beverages made with a base of coffee and or espresso, powdered chocolate and vanilla, flavoring syrups to add to beverages, and accessories associated with the distribution, whole sale, retail sale, preparation, and serving of such goods.